GrowEmity Herba165/500

GrowEmityHerbais special lamp for plants. The LED light source allows to accelerate plant growthand increase harvest. It is even possible to regulate plant growthand bloomingtime. Unlike artificial light sources, LED light sources have specially matched spectrum for specific plants. Additionally,LEDs generate more light and less heat than sodium lamp, allow for lighting fromside of plants. LED lightsources are used in artificialplantation without daylight, so plants canbe groweverywhere.



Different typesof plants have different requirements for the best growth, so to maximized effect, light sources have many setsof LEDs configuration. Most commandsLED types are:red, far red, hyper red, blue, deep blue and white with different colortemperature.


The lifetime of the light source depends ontheoperating temperature and used LEDs.Thetemperature should be measuredin the middle of the board.The temperature can be measured with thermocouple or simpletemperature probe. Lifetime of LEDs decreases with the rise of temperature and luminous intensity in higher temperatures may be lower than nominal. Any place of installation should ensure correct heat dissipation from LED light sources. Overheat can damageor destroy some elements or entire LED light source. Never use overheated light source again as it may be damaged and can cause losses or even fire. We are not responsible for any loss, or damage resulting from overheating! Guarantee become void in such cases.GrowEmity controller produces heat. Itmust be provided with good air ventilation. Overheat can damage or destroy some elements or entire controller. We are not responsible for any loss, or damage resulting from improper use of controller! Guaranteebecome void in such cases.

SAFETYControllers can changelight intensity, but even dimmed LEDs generate high-intensity light.Looking into LEDs beam is unhealthy and may cause irreversible injury to eye’s retina. Never look into the beam without protection glasses withanappropriate filter. Additionally,they may change LEDs light intensity almost immediately. If people are photosensitive, LEDs light may be a trigger to epileptic seizures and alter the perception, especially when light change very fast.Controllers can work on high power, so never touch components and wires of controller when power supply is on.


Controllers and LED light sources are delicate, even small mechanical stress may damage controller. Such stresses should be avoided. If it is impossible, it should be kept totheminimum. Mechanical stresses such as pressure, bending, breaking, drilling, etc. may cause irreversible damage. Damaged controllers aren’t suitable for use.Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a serious threat to electronics devices.Thehuman body can accumulate very high electrostatic charge which can decreasethelifetime of electronics significantly and in worst cases may destroy electronic components. To avoid damages,use of electrostatic protection is required. It is needed to follow ESD precautions during manipulation of these devices. Do not touch electronic components directly to avoid damages. Observe the official regulations for electrical devices (like DIN, VDE, EN). It is necessary to isolate components like controllers, LED light sources, power supply, wires etc. from any metal parts which can conduct electrostatic charges or causeashort circuit. Controllers aren’t equipped with short circuit protection. During a short circuit, very high current is flowing fromapower supply and can destroy it, causing risk of fire. Electronics must not be modified. Any modification causes loss of guarantee. The electric wiring/connection must comply with all current and valid national requirements, be constructed by a certified electrical tradesman, and comply with all the requirements set forth in this manual. We are not responsible for any loss, or damage resulting from electrostatic voltage discharge andashort circuitcausedby inappropriate handling or wrong construction of the lamp! Guarantee become void in such cases.Additionally,controllers can be damaged by some chemical substances. Depends onelements the damage may be different. It is important not to use chemical substances like acids, organic acids, sulphur, alkalis, organic solvents, mineral oils, vegetable oils and synthetic oils, etc.We are not responsible for any loss, or damage resulting from improper use of controllers! Guarantee become void in such cases.Do not operate controllers when they aren’t working properly. If controllers are working incorrectly, turn offapower supply. Damaged controllers may cause electric shock or short circuit.