Dedicated controller for GrowEmity light sourceswith four independents channels.Controllersareavailablein multipleversionofacurrent output.Channels of the GrowEmityVoltacontroller aredimmableby potentiometers or 1-10V interfacedependingontheversion.AdditionallytheGrowEmityVoltacontroller can be equippedwith different power units, so parameters will be different.



The GrowEmityVoltacontroller is very easytouse,plug-intheconnector oftheGrowEmity light sourceinto the socketand turn ONthepower supply. Remember tonever connect modules tothecontroller whilepower is ON.An output level of channels can beregulatedby four potentiometersor bythe1-10Vinterfacedepending ontheversion.

WIRING DIAGRAM FORGROWEMITYVOLTAGrowEmityVoltacontroller must be connected directly to mains. Led modules must be chosen according to specifications on table above. Wrong polarization can destroy light source in very short time. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from improper use of controller and light sources! Guarantee become void in such cases

Block diagram shows asimplified connection schematicoftheGrowEmityVoltapossible variants.Connector makes it easier to connectthecontroller with LED light source.Above connection isabexamples and may be different from the actual.

Sockets oftheGrowEmityVoltacontrollerare located on the back side.Ontheleftthere isa power supply inputsocket~110 V AC or ~230 V AC. On right LED output socket, that allowsto connectingLED light sources with four independent channels