We replaced a bunch of 1000 watt DE fixtures a while back, check out the original story here.

For those that want to move right on to the good stuff, we have some results to share.

First thing to note, we can’t reveal the actual figures for the harvest. But we can talk about the relative performance of the LED vs HPS.

We found that the LED section significantly outperformed the HPS section across the board:

  • 70{b00203bcdc8a3b5f4dde5d613aab10e8efd784d0fe7b8df04de7ee54a688e58f} higher yield in grams per watt
  • Up to 50{b00203bcdc8a3b5f4dde5d613aab10e8efd784d0fe7b8df04de7ee54a688e58f} decrease in total energy consumption

While we already had a pretty good idea that we would see these kind of results based on our smaller scale tests, it’s always great to see results that exceed expectations and make customers happy.

Next up we’ll start to showcase a sealed 1200 square foot flowering room, where we will demonstrate a system that will yield 3, possibly 4 pounds per light.

Be sure to follow along on our Instagram page for all the latest images and a special new video dropping soon. Hit the link here or on that beautiful picture of the fade right before harvest.

And get in touch today if you’d like to setup a room or two, or more. Our system is built to scale.

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